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Case Study #1

2.14 % CR (Conversion Rate)
Old Landing Page of TheLounges.org
7.56 % CR (Conversion Rate)
New Landing Page of TheLounges.org

Case Study #2

0.93 % CR (Conversion Rate)
Old Website of Logoiltools.hu
5.87 % CR (Conversion Rate)
New Website of Logoiltools.hu

Case Study #3

1.37 % CR (Conversion Rate)
Old Landing Page of Monokrate.com
6.24 % CR (Conversion Rate)
New Landing Page of Monokrate.com

Our 3 Simple Steps

We'll make you a one-of-a-kind site in just 3 steps.


We can schedule a Google meeting with you to understand your goals and requirements for your website / landing page. Before the call, according to your requirements, we'll make you a free sample design for your site!


Our team starts building your website with full dedication. During the development process, we keep you updated with regular progress reports to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.


After 3-4 days, we'll showcase the final version of your website and ensure that it meets your requirements and expectations. Upon your approval, we proceed to publish your site!

What our clients think

"Adam was amazing to work with. He created a website exactly as I asked him to, at a good price. Whenever I had a change to make or a question to ask, it was done in a blink.

I already had a domain before working with Adam, and he helped set it up, connecting it to my website, adding SSL, implementing SEO. I will definitely be working with Adam again in the future."

Brandan Darke
Email Copywriter

“Adam’s help in designing and optimising my website has been an invaluable asset. He worked tirelessly, and we were in direct communication at all times with all aspects of the project.

My requirements were simple, but even so Adam exceeded my expectations - he helped me transform my portfolio into a seamless, sleek and smooth design.”

Luca La Cava
Political Cartoonist

“Adam really amazed me with his work. He was able to create my ideas into reality and he was always willing to go a couple of extra miles.

Even after the landing page was done, he would still help me solve a couple of my problems. He is a very considerate and just great guy to work with.”

Edan Mann
Email Copywriter

"Adam’s service exceeds my expectations in every way. Not only was he able to create a website quickly, but he always made sure I was happy with the final version. If there were something, he would change it immediately.

From start to finish, Adam’s expertise amazed me. I would 100% recommend CreateWebCleverly to anyone!"

Roberto Possenti
Founder of Tutoring Mentor

"After having a call with Adam, he gave me actionable advice & feedback for me to instantly apply to my landing page. He also explained how psychology can play into the structure of a landing page, which deciphers whether or not customers will consider taking the time to thoroughly go through the site & eventually make a purchase.

If you're looking for feedback on your landing page, Adam's the guy for the job."

Andrew Nunnes


How long does it take to design a page?

The timeframe for delivery typically ranges from a few days, depending on the project's complexity and your feedback.

How can I make changes to the page later?

Even after the project's completion, feel free to reach out for site edits from us at absolutely no cost! Building a strong, enduring relationship with you is our primary objective.

What is the price?

Pricing for the page is determined by the complexity of the project and your individual needs. Arrange a free discovery call with us now to chat about your ideas and requirements.

What do you require from my end?

During our free discovery call, we'll collect all the essential information for us to start our work.